2021 Meetings

Meetings this year will be held on Zoom. Members will receive an email with meeting details

Jan 4 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission Biologist Reid Hyle: New benchmark coastwide shad stock assessment, updated state management plan for shad, fishing outlook and a Q&A.
Feb 1 Bob Clouser’s Top Tips: Salt Water, Fresh Water and Canals
Mar 1 Frank Catino, National Sales Manager for Cortland: Fly line technology, tapers, new products and a Q&A.
Apr 5 Tom Logan, a retired certified wildlife biologist from Tallahassee: Fly Fishing for Bass and Sunfish
May 3 Capt. Owen Plair: Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC inshore fly fishing
Jun 7 Ray Whaley: Author of Journey of a River Walker: Paddling the St. Johns River
July 12 Doug Moore – Swanee fishing .
Aug 2 Riverkeeper Lisa Rinaman .

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