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 Post subject: Now your ready to post, here's how.
PostPosted: June 5th, 2007, 9:37 am 

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1) Click on Login option.
2) Enter your user name.
3) Enter your password exactly as you created it.
4) Hit enter and you will be logged in. If you have enter an incorrect user name or password you will be prompted to try again.

If you are posting a new topic:

1) Click on new topic.
2) Move the cursor to the Subject: box under Post a new topic and click on box. This will move the cursor to that location. Now type in a title for your topic the space provided and hit the Tab key. This will move the cursor to the box where you will enter your post.
3) Enter the information you want to provide your reader.
4) When you are done you can submit your post by clicking on submit or you can upload a picture to be included in your post. If you want to upload a picture you must first resize you picture so it is 640 X 480.

To resize your picture:

There are many programs that will do this just remember to re-size to a 640 X 480 size format.
Here's a good program to re-size your pictures
You can also copy your pictures to your desk top, right click on the picture and choose the medium re-size option.

To upload a picture:

1) If you would like to upload a picture move the cursor to the Browse button and click on it. This button is located below your post under the first blue bar next to an empty rectangle. When you click on the Browse button your screen will change to an area where you to choose the picture you want to upload. You need to find the picture on your computer and click on it, which will highlight the file name then click on open. This will upload the picture to the Browse rectangle and you will see its address in the Browse rectangle area. Now click on Add the file and you have successfully uploaded your picture. The file name will be visible in the attachments area in the lower left hand side next to your post. You can do this as many times as you want and all the pictures you upload will be included in your post. When you are done click on submit.
2) If you would like to include a picture with in your story and not at the end you need to place that picture in line. You do this by uploading your picture, add the file and you will now see the file listed in the attachment area next to your post. There is an option next to your attached file called Place in line. Click on the Place in line option and that picture will be placed at the end of your post. You can continue to enter text in your post after the picture you have placed in line. If you want to enter another picture just follow the same procedure and place that picture in line.
3) Whenever you finish your post you will have to click on submit to upload it to the forum. You can always go back and edit your post by choosing the edit option, which is located in the lower right area of your post.

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me by email ( or by phone (904-563-1516). Please don't be afraid to ask a question, I know this can be a bite confusing. Once you have made a few post it will become as simple as catching a Red Fish.

Rob Benardo

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