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  • Weekend of Aug 21 – Suwanee River


    We are having a weekend outing on 21 Aug. 2021 at Doug’s place in Swannee. Doug Moore has a place on a canal that goes into the Swannee and then a short distance into the Gulf.

    On the outing you can fish fresh or saltwater. We will go over on Friday and fish the afternoon and then fish Saturday have a good lunch then we can fish Saturday afternoon and then get up and fish Sunday morning and then head home. There are accommodations, Dick Michaelson will  make reservation when we know how many members are going to attend.

    There’s an explosion of life where the Lower Suwannee River meets the sea on the Big Bend on the west coast of Florida. The historic Suwannee River flows about 246 miles from the Okefenokee Swamp on the Georgia-Florida border to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Republican Eagle Article : Link to article

    Click for map

  • June 19 North Withlacoochee River

    FCFF invites members to fish a spring-fed, pristine, little-known river in North Florida, the North Withlacoochee River — with David Lambert and Dick Michaelson.

    The Spot:

    The North Withlacoochee drops out of Georgia and intersects the Suwannee River at Suwannee River State Park, near Live Oak, Florida. This river is navigable by kayaks, canoes, and small boats, usually nothing larger than a 16-foot.  Members will receive email with location  information and directions.

    Withalacoochee River
    Withaacoochee River, Lee FL


    FCFFers will meet up at David Lambert’s house on the WIthlacoochee River around 8’oclock a.m. and launch canoes and kayaks down the skids on his bank around 9.  Or they can opt to launch with the club’s power boaters at River Park Boat Ramp n Madison County, 6  miles upstream.  It takes 2-4 hours to float and fish down to Lambert’s property. Paddle fishers can take their boats out of the water there. Boaters, will motor back to the ramp and we’ll shuttle them back to their vehicles.

    Quick Facts

    • Small River — Kayak, canoe, small boat
    • Fish for black, redeye, and suwannee bass, Bream, sunfish, bluegills, redear, redbellies, and fliers
    • 4 – 7-weight rods with floating lines
    • Flies — topwater, bream poppers, foam poppers, spiders, round dinnys, size 6-10
      dropper rigs, pheasant nymphs, hares ears, woolly buggers and similar, size 6-12 or so
      bass flies or any sort. We recommend you debarb hooks.


    The club will provide lunch and drinks at Lambert’s around 1:30 p.m., Saturday. We have some chairs available, but bring your own lawn chair.

    Plan ahead:

    Advanced sign up is requested for this outing.

  • FCFF SmartCasts® Practical Casting Day, Saturday, June 12

    Want to cast better? Be more accurate? Throw longer lines?

    Master Fly Casting Instructor David Lambert and instructor Dick Michaelson will discuss, demonstrate, and diagnose techniques you’ll need to deliver to target-fish, no matter how close or how far. The instructors have taught together for 25 years.

    David Lambert
    Dave Lambert is a TFO ambassador and a nationally recognized fly fishing writer and fly casting instructor. He was also editor for The Loop: International Journal for Professional Fly Casters for nearly a decade.
    Dick Michaelson
    Dick Michaelson is a decades-long fly casting instructor who has taught fly casting with Jon Cave, Bob Clouser, Dusty Sprague, and others.


    Lambert and Michaelson will demo and teach techniques for:

    • Casting Accuracy – Techniques and practice suggestions to help you control where and how you fly should land, for both short and longer casts
    • Distance Casting – Distance comes when you do everything else right. Demo, discuss, and diagnose distance concepts, problems, and offer some productive practice routines for increasing your casting distance.  Lambert will demo and teach the ‘square-cast’ distance technique.
    • Personal Casting Diagnostics and Corrections – Instructors will work with each caster to critique casting strokes and offer suggestions to casting improvement

    Directions to M & M Dairy – Take Hecksher Drive to New Berlin Road. Turn left/west. A block or so down on the left, turn left on Holstein Rd. Park at the end of the road

    M&M Dairy
    12300 Holstein Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226

  • Palm Valley Low Tide Outing -May 22


    Low tide is 1:29 PM. I will be launching at 10 AM.


    Boats can launch from the Palm Valley Boat Ramp – 383 S Roscoe Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
    Kayaks can launch from the Public Notcatee Paddle Launch – 3004-, 3028 County Rd 210, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32081
    Kayak Launch  at Nocatee, slso called Nocatee Paddle Launch is located at 2015 Nocatee Landing Trail, Nocatee FL – study the map before going here.


    The Food:

    I will brings sub sandwiches for everyone to take with them. You should bring you own drinks.

    Palm Valley Boat Ramp and  Publci Nocatee Paddle launch 
    Nocatee Paddle Launch – inside Nocatee

    The Spot:

    From the ramp head south. You can start looking for Reds along the edge of the ICW when you get past the last dock. As you head south there are plenty of creeks and mud flats that can hold fish. If you go south to Pine Island, you can fish the oyster beds that surround the island. The water can get low around Pine Island. As the tide is running, out do not stay up these creeks too long or you will be there for a while.  Kayaks will need to paddle about 1/2 mile to the spot.


    On the 22nd, there is a -2 ft. low tide.
    MarineWeather.net Tides for PV @ ICWW


    Your favorite flies should work well. Clouser Minnow, Dupree Spoon, Shrimp and Crab patterns and all the local flies

  • April 24 – Outing: Camp Weed


    Camp Weed is a youth and conference center for the Episcopal Church ,Diocese of Florida. The camp is located at 11057 Camp Weed Place, Live Oak, Fl. 32060  Ph# 386/364-5250. Web site: Camp Weed


    Take I-10 west for 69 miles-Take exit 292 to Wellborn- When you enter Wellborn on 137 then turn right on 10A- 10A will merge with hwy 90—turn right on hwy 90 for 4.3 mile and then turn left on 75th Dr. then turn right into Camp Weed.  When you get into the complex keep to your right and the hotel and office is on your left. It is 94 miles and 2 hr. drive from Jax.


    They have a motel on site.  A single is $85 per person—A double is $42.50 per person.  Lunch is $12. If you want to come over on Friday and stay overnight let me know soon so I can reserve the rooms.  On the 24th the Dinning hall we be open for lunch on Sat. any other meals are on your own. Live Oak is only 6 miles West with a lot of places to eat.   It is a church camp so I would not bring alcohol.

    The Spot

    We will be fishing White Lake that is a private lake on Camp Weed.   The lake has a lot of bass and bream.  There is no boat ramp but there is a spot you can launch a very small boat and you may need a 4 wheel drive.  The best bet is to use a small enough boat that you can get close to the water and drag it to the water.  I will be going over before to see if the launch is better shape then the last time I was their.  The camp has canoes and kayaks that we can use.  That may be a better option.

    The Flies

    All the standard flies we use for bass and bream will work just fine.  The Camp Director told me that he like black and gold flies.  I have caught many fish with different flies and colors.  Black Woolly Buggers, Rubber legged dragon, Bully Bluegill fly, Trout nymphs in size 8 &10, small Clousers, and just about any fly that has rubber legs.  I fished the lake last year in May and I had my best catches on small poppers size 8.  For the bass I would use a size 6 & 4.   I caught bass, bluegills and Crappie.   I have only fished from the shore but I did real well.

  • Riverdale Boat Ramp: March 27

    • Time: Launch 8 AM
    • Tide:  Low Tide 8:24 AM
    • Breakfast: Sausage Biscuits before launch.


    Riverdale Boat Ramp is on CR 13.  Take I95 South and take exit 323 and go West on 9 Mile Road/13A/ Pacett Road for about 4 ½ miles and the road comes to a T-intersection at 208.  Turn right for ¼ miles and turn left on 13A.  Then turn right at the next T-intersection on 214.  The next T-intersection is CR 13, turn left for about 1 ½ miles and the ramp is on your right. St Johns County Boat Ramp PDF

    The spot

    When the tide is low you have more room to cast under docks.  You can fish the shore line around tree stumps and fish small creeks that run off the St. Johns River.  of there is a wind this will tell you what side of the river you should fish.

    If the wind is coming from the West then fish the West side of the river and vise-versa.  To get to the East side of the river can be a rough ride depending on the wind speed.

    Canoe or Kayak ?

    If you have a canoe or kayak then you  will have to keep close to the ramp on East side and fish shoreline  and the docks. You can wade fish around the docks in most places.  There is another option for canoe and kayaks if it is too windy.  If you keep headed South past the ramp about 2 ¾ miles there is a bridge over a small creek. There is an area along side the bridge that you can launch a canoe or kayak.  I have fished this creek many times and done well.

    Paddling.com link with pictures and a map.

    The fish

    I am going to target bluegills and redbreast using a 5 wt. Rod and small flies.  Sometime you will catch bass in the same area.  If you want to fish for bass I would use 6 to 8 wt. Rod because the flies are heavier.  Bass will probably be in a little deeper water holding on the drop offs.  Use your deep recorder to locate these spots.  Top water in the morning for bass.

    The Flies

    For bass you can use large woolly buggers, clousers and deceivers patterns.  For the bluegills and redbreast most flies with a little weight and rubber legs should do well, also Pheasant tail nymph, Mopp fly, small woolly buggers and bone fish patterns will should do the job.



  • January 23rd Low tide Sister’s Creek Outing


    Cedar Point :Directions and Map


    Low tide is 0.7 at 11:13 A.M.    8:30 A.M would be the best time to launch.  This gives you time to get to your fishing spot and no be late, like I tell Kitty “the tide waits on no one”.

    Rods and Lines:

    You do not need heavy weighted flies for low tide fishing.  Floating WF fly line with a 6-7-8-9 wt. rod will be a good choice.


    I will pick up some Breakfast Biscuits.

    The Spot:

    When you get to a creek and do not see any oysters beds sticking up then go into the creek and look for fish coming out.  If you see a lot of oysters beds then the fish may be close to the mouth of the creek or very close.  In the shallow water the fish will be very spooky and easy so be mindful of making a noise in the boat that will transfer to the water and then to the fish.  If you see fish it may be best to stake out and wait for the fish to come to you.

    Give Dick a call before you launch if you do not know the area. If you do not have a boat let us know, soon.

  • Palm Valley Boat Ramp Low Tide Outing December 12, 2020

    Palm Valley Boat Ram

    When & Where

    We will launch at Palm Valley boat ramp under the 210 bridge.  Low tide is 2:19 PM.  I would launch at 11:00 AM.

    383 S Roscoe Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32082
    Roscoe Road under the Palm Valley Bridge
    GPS Lat:  30 7’57.88”N   |   Long:  81 23’6.43”W


    Clousers, Crab and Shrimp patterns are good flies to use.  I would not use heavy flies because there are a lot of oyster beds to get hung up on.

    The spot

    If you go South from the ramp there is good low tide fishing for miles.  Some places along side of the intracoastal (ICW) can be good but boat traffic can be a problem.  There are many creeks that you can go up into and find fish along both sides of ICW.  The-Top Sport– map Daytona Beach to Jacksonville (map number N221) is a very good. Our own Capt. Larry Miniard is one of the guides that had input on the areas marked in this stretch of the ICW.  Larry has lived and fished this area for most of his fishing career. 6 and 8 wt. rods with floating lines and a 9 ft. leader would be a good choice.


    Palm Valley Outdoors is next to the ramp if you need any supplies.  If you go South from the ramp a good area at Marker #3 on both sides, Marker #9 west side, behind Pine Island at Marker 20.  The low tide is a minus 0.3 so do not stay too long back in those creeks.  Let us know if you are coming and if you do not have a boat or kayak.  We will try our best to get you with someone with as boat.  I will have subs sandwich and chip for everyone to pick up at the ramp.


    Palm Valley Outdoors

    St. Johns County Boat Ram Listing

    Location page

  • November 14th Low Tide Outing

    We will launch at Cedar Point Boat Ramp.  The low tide is at 2:15 PM.  The best fishing is going to be 2 to 3 hours before the low tide and 2 hours of the incoming tide.  If you fish the incoming tide that will put you on the water close to dark so I would concentrate on fishing starting 3 hours before low tide.  I would launch  between 10:30 – 11:00 AM.  This will give you time to get to the spot you want to fish so you will have at least 2 hours of falling tide to fish.  Many flies work well for Red’s at low tide.  Crab, Shrimp and Clousers are all good patterns.  6 to 8 weight rods with WF Floating line are good.  I use a 9 ft. leader with a 12-15 pound tippet.   With this colder weather the Reds may be in schools and if they are they may be harder to find but when you find them, there will be a lot of them.

    Check out the mouths of creeks and around oyster bars.  If you do not know the area, get with me either the day of the outing or give me a call.  Because of the 2:15 tide it is going to be too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, so I will pick up some sub sandwiches for lunch.  If you do not have a boat and need a ride let me know as soon as you can and I will try and find you someone to go with.

    Cedar Point Boat Ramp Website

  • Oct 31 Sawpit Boat Ramp on A1A at Nassau Sound

    Flood Tide Outing: Oct, 31st  Happy Halloween


    This time we are going to launch at Sawpit Boat Ramp on A1A at Nassau Sound.  One of the reasons for our outings is to learn new places and Sawpit is a good location and you do not need a boat, but a boat is better.


    5.4 high tide at 9:27 AM.  I would launch at 7:30 to check out some spots


    Pay attention to the No Parking sign along the A1A. You will pass the spot on the way to Sawpit.  There is a parking fee at Sawpit ramp.


    There are some spot South of the ramp that you can walk into from A1A. David and I did this in the middle of September and I caught a nice red.  You could also wade in from the side of the road at Simpson Creek that is a mile or so South of Sawpit.  There are some very good fishing spot in this area.  If you are using a kayak there is a strong current at this location but you do not have to cross the inlet to get to them.  There is a creek right next to the ramp that goes for 3 or more miles and has a lot of flooded flats to fish.


    I will stop by McDonald’s and pick up some biscuits to pass out.