March 7, 2020

Low Tide at Cedar Point

Breakfast will be severed from 8 a.m. till 9:30 a.m. We will have coffee, donuts and sausage biscuits.  

If you launch by 10:00 a.m.  this will give you 3 hours of outgoing tide and a few hours of incoming tide before it get dark.  As the tide is going out the reds will move from the back of the creeks and stay close to the mouths of the creeks.  Some of these spots will be the mouth of the creek at the intracoastal and some of these spots will be at the creek mouths inside the larger creeks.  Any small creek that dumps into a larger creek can be a good spot to check out and wait for the reds come to you.  The lower the tide gets the easier it will be to see the reds moving around.  I have not fished this winter but the reds should be in schools when you find them.  If you want to blind cast then cast to the base of oyster beds or to points or any other structure you see in the creeks.  Also cast to choke points between oyster beds. 

All crab patterns and bait fish patterns should be good to use.  A black clouser is always a good fly to use.  When you cast to a moving fish, do not look at the fish, look 4-6 feet in front of the fish in the direction they are moving.  If you look at the fish and want to cast ahead of them, in most cases you will cast right on top of the fish because you are looking at the fish.  Got that piece of info from an article in a magazine article years ago and it is true.  

The sun will set about 6:20 so keep that in mind because there is no lights at Cedar Point.  The moon will be almost full so that may help.  The weather forecast is mid 40’s to 60 during the day.

LOCATION: Cedar Creek Details at this LINK

See you all for breakfast.


May 2020

This outting will be at Riverdale the St Johns River and the target fish will be bass and bluegill. – Exact date to be determined

Click this link for details on the Riverdale fishing location


Shad Outing

Saturday February 22, 2020

Going to launch at GS Lee boat ramp off of highway 46.   From 210 truck stop (Pilot Travel Center, 1625 County Road 210 West, Jax) on I-95 it is a little over 2 hour drive.  I will be leaving the truck stop at 5:30 AM. You can have breakfast at the Waffle House if you get their early. The direction are easy. I-95 South to Highway 46 just North of Titusville.  From I-95 it is about 11 miles to the ramp. The ramp is at the Jolly Gator Fish Camp ( CS Lee Boat Ramp) Canoes, Kayaks and most fishing boats all can be used. When the river is really low there is a sand bar that can be hard to get over for larger boats, but as of now it looks to be O.K.  A good spot to start is South of the boat ramp. You can fish from a boat, the shore or if you bring waders you can wade fish if the water is not too high.  

Equipment:  5-6 or 7 wt. Rods will get the job done.  If the water is high a sinking line is good (high water means faster flow).  The faster the water flow, the faster sinking line will do better. Weight Forward lines can also be used in lower water conditions.  When using a WF floating line use a longer leader. 10 to 12 lb fluorocarbon tippet is a good size to use. 

A landing net is very helpful.   

While shad fish you may catch a variety of fish.  Shad, Bass, Sunshine bass, Bluegills, Armored catfish, 

Blue Tilapia, Bowfin, Gar, Crappie and Bream and I once caught a flounder.  

We will have a shore lunch a 1 PM.  We will set up near the intersection of the St. Johns and the Econlockhatchee (Econ) River.  This is only about ¼ mile South of the ramp.  It is easy to find because this is where you will see most of us fishing.

Flies:  There are many flies that will catch Shad.  The following is just a few you can use. If you are not a tier then Bonefish flies like the Crazy Charlies and Gotcha  and small Clouser’s will do or bream flies that are similar to the ones below.  

Red chenille head, lead eyes, pearl mylar body, pearl Krystal Flash skirt. From

Charlie Chapman, Backcountry Flyfishing Association (club), Orlando, FL.

Black chenille body over lead-wrapped hook shank. Tail is orange marabou

and gold flash, body has gold mylar tubing overwrap, wing is gold Flashabou.

Tied with black thread. From Charlie Chapman.

Same as A, but with hot pink ice chenille (or Estaz or cactus chenille).

Purple marabou tail, silver tinsel rib, purple chenille over

chrome-plated lead eyes, black thread. Tied by Capt. Dick Martin,

Melbourne, FL

Hot pink antron (or similar) tail, fine blue and fuchsia Flashabou (or

similar) – mixed and wrapped to make body (not weighted), fuchsia

Flashabou wing. Tied by David Olson, Manager, The FlyFisherman, Orlando, FL.

Orange marabou tail, pearl mylar tubing over hook, black thread  (unweighted)

Dick Michaelson


American Shad. Image: Raver, Duane – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.