FCFF offers a full variety of activities, including monthly meetings, fishing outings, casting instructions and fly tying, annual events, and additional fun stuff. Here is our complete calendar of events. Come join our continually growing membership!

Outing: Clapboard Creek Jan 29

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Annual Rendezvous 2022

Deep Creek Fish Camp 1215 Pine Island Rd, St. Augustine, FL

Who wants to have a fun-filled day of fly-fishing education, good times, great food, and a FREE RAFFLE? Let's get together at Deep Creek Fish Camp on Saturday, February 5th starting at 8:30 am. This time, we're welcoming back Master Fly Casting Instructor Dusty Sprague! Learn more about this awesome annual event that we all have a blast attending to…

Monthly Outing – Santee, South Carolina

Santee River 33.50092° N, 80.04210° W, Santee, SC

Let's get out and have a fun weekend of sunshine, good food, and fly-fishing! Join us in Santee, South Carolina for shad fishing from March 25th - 28th.

Monthly Outing – Clapboard Creek

Clapboard Creek 30.42315° N, 81.50236° W, Jacksonville, FL

Join us for the monthly outing at Clapboard Creek Low Tide. Low tide will begin at 10:29 AM.

Bob Clouser Day – Casting and Fly Tying

Don't miss this chance to learn from a fly-fishing and fly-tying legend. Come join FCFF for Bob Clouser Day, Saturday, June 11, 2022, from 9-4 p.m. Bob is arguably the biggest name in fly fishing and fly tying. Forty or so years ago, Bob showed Lefty Kreh a fly he'd developed that caught smallmouth bass on the Susquehanna River like no…