Monthly Outing – Clapboard Creek

Clapboard Creek 30.42315° N, 81.50236° W, Jacksonville, FL

Join us for the August Outing at Clapboard Creek. Low Tide is 10:40 AM. We will be eating lunch at Palms Fish Camp, so bring an appetite!

Saturday 9/10 7AM Cedar Point – Flood Tide

Cedar Point Boat Ramp 12000 Pumpkin Hill Rd, Jacksonville, FL

High tide is a 9:30 AM and is a 5.4 and if there is an East or Northeast wind it could be higher and with a West wind it could be lower. On Sep. 9th according to my Windy App. an East wind is predicted. Launch is at 7 AM at Cedar Point so I can scout some of the flats…