FCFF SmartCasts® Practical Casting Day, Saturday, June 12

Want to cast better? Be more accurate? Throw longer lines?

Master Fly Casting Instructor David Lambert and instructor Dick Michaelson will discuss, demonstrate, and diagnose techniques you’ll need to deliver to target-fish, no matter how close or how far. The instructors have taught together for 25 years.

David Lambert
Dave Lambert is a TFO ambassador and a nationally recognized fly fishing writer and fly casting instructor. He was also editor for The Loop: International Journal for Professional Fly Casters for nearly a decade.
Dick Michaelson
Dick Michaelson is a decades-long fly casting instructor who has taught fly casting with Jon Cave, Bob Clouser, Dusty Sprague, and others.


Lambert and Michaelson will demo and teach techniques for:

  • Casting Accuracy – Techniques and practice suggestions to help you control where and how you fly should land, for both short and longer casts
  • Distance Casting – Distance comes when you do everything else right. Demo, discuss, and diagnose distance concepts, problems, and offer some productive practice routines for increasing your casting distance.  Lambert will demo and teach the ‘square-cast’ distance technique.
  • Personal Casting Diagnostics and Corrections – Instructors will work with each caster to critique casting strokes and offer suggestions to casting improvement

Directions to M & M Dairy – Take Hecksher Drive to New Berlin Road. Turn left/west. A block or so down on the left, turn left on Holstein Rd. Park at the end of the road

M&M Dairy
12300 Holstein Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226