Meeting Location and Time

Monday, November 5th at 7PM

Black Creek Outfitters
10051 Skinner Lake Dr
Jacksonville FL 32246



Looking to lay down permanent roots in an area perfect for expanding her family’s business. Emily
Mauri, husband Michael and daughter, Emma moved to Stuart, FL in 2016. Emily and her family
have been working tirelessly to build up their thriving, year round, all-inclusive fly fishing service,
Mauri Flyfishing, LLC.

In her little spare time, Emily became interested in urban farming. This led to a part time job at
Ground Floor Farm where she discovered her newfound talent for cooking. As with every
experience in life, Emily seamlessly incorporated her growing knowledge into providing a one of a
kind trip for clients of Mauri Flyfishing.

The St. Lucie estuary, mere minutes from her family home, is the most diverse saltwater fishery in
the United States.  Alarmed at the visible decline of marine life, she vowed to focus her energy
into learning more about the state of her local waters. Instantly, she was drawn toward the
energy and increasing momentum of the grassroots organization, In December
2017 she elected to put her myriad of personal projects aside in order to devote all of her free
time to this worthy cause.

Through her unending efforts, Emily was honored to be given a national platform for her favorite
cause by leading outdoor outfitter, Patagonia at several Fly Fishing Show’s across the nation. She
is forever grateful to be given the opportunity to spread awareness for a cause so near to her
home- and her heart.

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