Rendezvous at Deep Creek
Sage Flyrod Ambassador and fly casting great Jon Cave

Meeting Location and Time

Black Creek Outfitters
10051 Skinner Lake Dr
Jacksonville FL 32246

at 7:00PM

Capt. James Canelos

Capt. James has been fishing the waters of St Augustine since he was a child. From the first time he felt the drag scream of a shallow redfish, he knew this was what he was meant to do! His goal is for everyone to share that experience. There is something surreal about the serenity of being on a secluded flat stalking fish. It allows you to let your mind get away from all the stresses in life and just truly be in the moment. James has been fly fishing and tying his own flies for himself and his clients for 6 years. There is no greater joy than tricking a fish into eating something you created and enduring the ever present challenges of using a fly rod. He guides the waters of St Augustine from his Gordon Waterman with a preference of shallow water sight fishing. His favorite fish to target is redfish, as he doesn’t feel like any other inshore species puts up the same fight or can be so challenging to catch.

Capt. Cullen Traverso

Being born and raised in Florida, Capt. Cullen spent a great time of his life on the water. At the age of 12, Cullen’s father introduced him to the world of inshore fishing and it’s been a lot of tight lines since. Progression has always been his focus, but never at the expense of having a fun and lighthearted experience. No matter your skill level, Capt. Cullen will tailor your trip to progress your fishing during the time spent together on the water.