Monday, July 12 – In person meeting + Doug Moore – Swanee River Fishing at the Gulf.

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July 12, 2021 We are having our first in-person meeting of 2021.

Doug Moore will present on fishing where the Swannee river flows into the Gulf.

Doug Moore is a life member and past president of FCFF.

We are having a weekend outing on 21 Aug. 2021 at Doug’s place in Swannee. He has a place on a canal that goes into the Swannee and then a short distance into the Gulf.

On the outing you can fish fresh or saltwater. We will go over on Friday and fish the afternoon and then fish Saturday have a good lunch then we can fish Saturday afternoon and then get up and fish Sunday morning and then head home. There are accommodation and I will make reservation when I know how many members are going to attend.
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Where ?

We are meeting at Resurrection Episcopal Church located at 12355 Fort Caroline Road. Take Monument road that is on the East side of Regency Square and head North. Monument road dead ends into the church on Fort Caroline Rd. There are three buildings at the church and the meeting is in the Parish Hall ( it is the middle building in the back).

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