First Coast Fly Fishers 2017 Outings
Saturday, Jan 21st - Clapboard Creek


Mark your calendar as the club is planning to have a low tide outing at Clapboard Creek next Saturday, Jan 21st. to take advantage of the great winter fishing in the creeks. Look for an email early next week with details.
Saturday morning we will be meeting at Clapboard Creek for a low tide outing. The low tide is at 10:20 , so around 8:00 am would be a good time to get to the ramp. I will be serving lunch at 1:00 PM. Please respond if your are planning to attend , I want to be sure that i have enough for all members in attendance. also Shad Camp Outing: We need an accurate headcount of the members that are planning to attend Shad Camp either Friday or Saturday and if you plan to spend the night so the organizers know how many folks to expect. Please respond with your plans by mid-afternoon Thursday if you plan to attend so that we make sure we have enough food for our cookout and so we can provide the Orlando club with how many FCFF'ers to expect at camp.

Thank you,

Mike Harrigan

Contact Mike Harrigan and let him know if you plan on attending and if you need a ride. I have an extra kayak for any members who need to use one. See you all next weekend